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How to Wear Pink

Posted on 24 October 2016

Oscar De La Renta

Pink conjures up a lot of sweet imagery for many of us; macaroons, candy floss and of course Barbie. The autumn/winter 2016 catwalks were awash with all different shades of pink. Pink has been traditionally viewed as a ‘girly’ colour, the peak of subservient femininity, the colour to dress sweet little girls in, despite historically being a strong, masculine alternative to red. This season it’s time to reclaim pink as a strong, powerful colour!

Sarah Bond Lola Dress in Pink

Pink is the perfect choice for an effortlessly feminine look from everything from weddings to a day at the races. If the girly vibe isn't for you bright pink and black is a classic combination and a stylish way to wear is to mix a feminine piece with contrasting, edgy black accessories. To keep the look modern and sleek, rather than prissy, avoid too many ruffles or lace.

Pink Sweater

Nearly every shade of blue plays well with pink but our favourite is medium blue denim. A pale pink jumper paired with your favourite jeans in a great way to introduce pink into your wardrobe. White denim is also an excellent choice in the summer months or be brave and pair your pink top with a pink skirt or great pair of pink trousers!

Pink Workwear

As for pink workwear, whoever said that you can’t wear pink to the office may want to take that back. This season’s dusky shades are professional and chic. Cropped, tailored trousers are an obvious workwear staple, wear with a charcoal-grey shirt or dove-grey knit layered over a classic white shirt and you’ll look like you mean business.

Pink Coats

If you’re going to buy just one pink piece this season, make it a coat. It is the statement piece of the season after all. Classic black is an easy base if you’re unsure which direction to take your look. Black skinny jeans or expertly tailored trousers and a pair of simple court shoes allows your coat to take centre stage. But, don’t be afraid to add colour; a bright blue shirt, an elegant purple blouse or even a contrasting shade of pink will all work well layered underneath.

Hopefully you’re ready to give pink a shot. Audrey Hepburn, who once said: "Ladies, I believe in pink." As far as this season is concerned, she was definitely on to something.


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